5 Tips to Get Your Project Started

The truth is, sometimes it’s just hard to get started on a project or an idea, especially when we focus too much on all the details or when we have too many ideas. We soon get overwhelmed.  Where do we start?  It simply means it’s time to choose to take action, the preparation and planning will help you out as it is important to create a process you can trust.  Here are a few ways that helps me to take the steps to start a project idea or achieve a goal.

Let’s get going!

TIP #1.  First, simply, write down the project, idea or goal and be with it. Then ask yourself, what’s in it that excites you and what sticks and what doesn’t?  Let your creativity flow!

TIP #2. Then begin to flush out everything that comes up by asking the following questions. WHAT do I need to know first?  What resources will I need?  Where and Who has those resources?  Starting with the basics, work towards what the project will look like.

TIP #3. Research all the areas about the project so that you get as much information as possible, you will find that this will expand and inspire your thinking about your project idea or goal?  Talk to others who can mentor you and provide important insights, brainstorming, feedback and knowledge.

TIP #4. Work together with the necessary people to develop plans, strategies and to set up a very good roadmap for your project, idea or goal to be sure you can achieve success.

TIP #5. Set up daily action steps in your calendar and set a start date and time to test your idea in public.

Okay, I’m sending you encouragement to crossover into each action and keep your steps moving to achieve your goals, all the best with your success!

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Caterina is an accredited Executive Business Coach from Royal Roads University, a recipient of the Capilano University Distinguished Alumni Award and past vice-president with the Vancouver Island Coaching Association. She brings a unique approach that recognizes the interconnections of organizational, professional and personal development, local economy, community and our environment. She knows first hand that people really need to simply reconnect to their vision and values, believe in their own strengths and inner resources to develop a meaningful path forward. With over 25 years experience from within the tourism industry Caterina provides leadership coaching and mentorship for CEO’s, business owners and managers in retail, tourism and events. She brings a unique approach that recognizes the interconnections of business and personal development, local economy, community and our environment.

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