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Caterina is an accredited Executive Business Coach from Royal Roads University, a recipient of the Capilano University Distinguished Alumni Award and past vice-president with the Vancouver Island Coaching Association.

What is a business coach?  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work for a big company, a coach is someone completely focused on you and your business success! What’s that like?  Well, it’s a very special attention that encourages and supports you to achieve great things.  When you know you have a coach who believes in you, imagine what you can accomplish!  You will likely be more focused on your goals, make the best decisions and set the best directions that will benefit you the most!

You will have a mentor that assists you to find the creative solutions for those business challenges.  And the practical and timely business tips and know how that you need.  She asks the right questions to bring out those aha moments that will get you exactly what you need and where you want to be.  Most of all you have a coach on your side, someone who sees your strengths, potential and brings out the best in you.

A coach and guide in your corner, is good for your company.  You will be encouraged and your entrepreneurial spirit will be lifted to strengthen your determination and perseverance.  She assists you with the clarity of your vision, the creative ideas to guide and connect you with all the resources to develop the plans, goals and strategies needed.

Coach Caterina is known for her effective listening skills, inquiry and huge intuition in the coaching conversation, she is very knowledgeable and can provide you with key information for your business.  All the research, tracking, computer data and structure are very, very important, it backs up your business.  Remember, trust is the real wealth needed in business, Coach Caterina, will assist you stay true to your guiding values, trust yourself and listen to your intuition.

When you are so busy with the day to day business and life it leaves little time to work on the business. Don’t let important opportunities pass you by,  work together with coach Caterina to make those timely moves.  With Coach Caterina on your side you will definitely gain an extra advantage!

“Heartfelt thank you to Caterina of Crossover Coaching today for your gentle guidance and huge intuition.”

Career Highlights

Caterina has over 25 years experience in retail management in diverse businesses, including destination tourism resorts.  She is recognized for her expertise, insight and innovative endeavors in the retail, tourism and wholesale industry.  Her  management of family owned businesses assisted with timely vision and people development, she coached top sales managers success in hospitality, developed community projects and tourism events.

She is the co-author in the popular business book, “Roadmap to Success”, writing the enlightening chapter (“Let Your True Self Shine”) she speaks of the strengths of experience and knowledge that will assist you on the road less traveled and the path to success.

In her tourism retail management and business ownership, Caterina developed the important business and people skills that were integral to the success of many local family run businesses and start-ups.  She brought companies back from the brink and assisted those in transition of business growth, increasing revenue streams, brand recognition and product development.

These are a few of the top brands:

Caterina is the founder, organizer and operations of the following community events in tourism

  • Sea to Sky Winter Farmers Market
  • Week of Peace
  • Street Food/Music Celebrations.

With the creation of these events she opened the door and
provided a pathway for neighbouring communities to create similar community grassroot initiatives!

She owned and developed the manufacturing business, Reckwear and the tourism eco-adventure business, Advanced Movement, both these businesses met the needs of the Winter and Summer sport enthusiast.

A compassionate leader and coach motivated to guide others to develop the way to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her business experience and diverse expertise in the areas of tourism, retail, wholesale, management, events, sales and customer service, human resources management and entrepreneurship will provide the leverage needed for her clients.

Many people are discovering the immense value with Caterina in your corner, you have one of the most insightful leaders and creative adventurers who will inspire your most purposeful movements and moments!

“Caterina is someone passionately on your side who thinks outside of the box”


“I wanted to thank you for all of your time and support over the last two months.  I feel like I have better coping skills and can handle things better with my staff etc… You have made a difference in my life and I am sure the lives of many... [ Read more ]
Victoria Ross Adoption & Foster Home Manager


Caterina contributed with a consistent view on the “other”. I appreciated her sensitivity and ability to step into another person’s shoes in order to move conversations and results forward.
Trudy Pelletier Trudy Pelletier Consulting Inc


“Heartfelt thank you to Caterina of Crossover Coaching today for your gentle guidance and huge intuition.”
Melanie Anne Bitner @ BrandHer!

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