What’s the Most Important Skill You Can Learn? 
Yes! Sales is the most important skill you can learn.  This is because it’s really about building positive and long lasting relationships in your business, the most important way to your success.
Learn and get the practice of a proven sales process that flows naturally and will build your confidence, credibility and increase your sales and grow your business.
BOOK an In-house Sales Training Workshop for your business or
SCHEDULE weekly Sales Coaching calls for your team.
Caterina discovered her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, she later developed her sales skills when she worked with family owned companies to turn them around and bring them back from the brink.  It was here, many years ago that her mentor said to her “I’m going to teach you the most important thing you will ever learn in your lifetime.” “How to sell.”  And sell she did, assisting to bring company record sales year after year and awarded top sales.
Caterina Alberti has trained hundreds of individuals and teams with a proven 8 Step Sales Process for businesses in the retail, tourism and service industries.
 *SCHEDULE a 2 hour focused sales & service overview and sales solutions plan for your business.
    • In a day at your business,  Caterina will spend a high quality packed 2 hours to assess your sales opportunities, sales & service skills training gaps, employee and customer retention and more.
*Areas we cover in your business to the next level of growth.
    • Assessment of your sales skills gaps and sales opportunities in your business
    • Where you can enhance your product and services revenue streams
    • Learn important HR business areas that will improve sales outcomes
    • Learn how to make the sales process specific for you and your business
    • Identify where, how and what it takes to attract more loyal customers
    • Strengthen brand recognition with an enhanced identity and your unique story
    • Build upon your sales vision with specific goals and objectives
    • How to develop your sales and service strategy and communications plan
    • Learn what to prepare in advance to close the sale
    • How to increase your sales conversion of products and services
  • Increase your sales and grow your business immediately and for the long term.

*Schedule regular on going weekly sales coaching – Recommended 3 months minimum

  • Brush up on your sales and customer service skills
  • Improve your customer relationships and conversations
  • Get the sales tips, fresh perspectives to increase business revenues
  • Develop areas to improve your sales plan, goals and strategies
  • Discuss sales experiences and how increase your conversion rate
  • Encouragement, motivation and support to achieve sales success.

Contact Caterina for further details and make arrangements for sales skills training today.

CALL: 250-812-9370

EMAIL: crossovercoaching@gmail.com

BOOK a Sales Presentation with Caterina for your next event
Caterina Alberti will provide a passionate sales presentation that is specialized for your guests and teams that will inspire, build confidence and a winning attitude for your businesses.
Caterina will share these Key Points in the Sales Process and much more:
  • How to gain favourable attention –  Caterina shares key information that will assist you to increase your sales success right at the start.  How to win customers and make them feel comfortable and confident in your abilities.
  • How to meet the requirements of your customer or client – You will learn what specific questions you need to ask so you can provide the best service for your customer.
  • The three seeds you need to plant – Learn what seeds to plant that are specific to your business and how to help them grow?
  • How to ask for and close the sale – This may feel like the most difficult part of the sale, find out how to close the sale with ease.

Contact Caterina Alberti for further details and make arrangements for your next business event.