What makes you different?

What makes your company different?  Leaders understand what makes them different when they can gain clarity of three areas.  Over the years when I have worked with leaders and entrepreneurs, they would unnecessarily  worry about competitors.  I would tell them to be themselves, focus on doing what they love because no one else can be you.

Get clear in these three areas;

  1. How to have fun and stand out
  2. How to really listen to their customers
  3. How to be creative and authentic

heart keyLeaders with a clear vision have the keys in their hands!  Let’s open a world of opportunity and possibilities!






Everyday is a new day, every moment is a new moment!  One small step can make a world of difference and often the smallest movements can create the largest ripple.  Climb high where you can spread your wings and fly!

Welcome Everyone to Beautiful Beginnings!

It’s sure to be a New Year of surprises, adventures and many beautiful and positive beginnings and everything in between.  Well, if there are any thoughts I can share with you about the coming year it would be about all that is to change.  The changes that will occur will only be of our own making and this will bring the proactive events necessary for positive changes in our lives, families, businesses, communities and the whole world.  Changes for the better  in the way we communicate, improvements in our health, more love in our being and all the positive changes in our views of reality and the ability to find a deeper understanding.


Here are 6 ways to better your chances for the upcoming year to realize your vision:

  1. Love and believe in you and what you envision
  2. Create and write down the process that will get you there
  3. Visualize your  goals completed
  4. Be persistent
  5. Be positive & realistic
  6. Surround yourself with positive people  who compliment your best traits!

Enjoy the ride, it will be sure to have plenty of laughs and be filled with fun and  joyful experiences!


Focus on a Priority – Just on the Horizon


To stay balanced requires our full attention and making constant adjustments in a world that is more demanding of us than ever!  If you find yourself on that tight rope, juggling many objects, expectations and demands of today’s busy work/life situations, then focus on a priority just on the horizon –  here we will find balance.

That priority might just be to stop everything and take some time for yourself or simply slow it down and take a breath.  When we take some time without pressure and step away from the situation we will realign and feel balanced and the solutions we need will flow.

We may need to ask ourselves what is distracting us and what have we placed on the back burner that needs our attention?  A check list on what those priorities are in the moment is important, as life and work changes over time so do our priorities.

©Photo taken by: Caterina Alberti

What is it that throws us off balance and what can we do when we are at the tipping point?  First lets look at the inner balance, our feminine and masculine, our yin and yang… are we feeling in balance here?   Today many parents are having to understand this fine balance as they must take on both roles to raise their children.  When life and work gets too busy and stressful, we may find ourselves to be more competitive, aggressive and easily frustrated.  It is even more important as a parent to have the balance of our priorities in check!  So on our feminine side what nourishment, nurturing, tenderness and compassion are we missing? Have we been giving so much that we are depleted and lost this precious energy that is necessary to replenish ourselves?

Studies show us that the right side of our brains is our creative and intuitive side (feminine) and the left side is more linear and logical, (masculine) in the world of business we will often see that many people are working predominantly from one side of the brain than the other.  When we are more in balance we will notice that we will feel more confident, calm and clear in the choices we make.   Sometimes we just need to recognize and appreciate the qualities of both to sort out existing conflicts within to balance our feminine and masculine qualities.

What are your most important priorities that need to be at the top of the list today?  Remember right here, right now is the best time to get started… we assist in empowering you to create a calm and balanced path!

Caterina Alberti, CEC

Executive Business Coach, Author & Speaker

Copyright 2009


BUILDING OUR DREAMS is assisted when we can incorporate higher forces into our lives.  A few days ago I went for a lovely walk along the lakeside to show a young visiting student how the beaver builds his dreams in beautiful BC., Canada.  I love to learn from nature so I hope you will take the time to visit with me in this little story with a curious and keen sense of interest.  The photo is of a very large beaver dam at the lakes edge, beavers can teach us many things as they are the builders in the animal world.

©Photo take by:  Caterina Alberti

There are many ways to learn, although you might be asking what can the beaver teach us?  First and foremost the beaver has a strong sense of family and they work very hard to provide and protect what is considered the most precious of life.   They build great architectural structures and works of art, such an amazing creation in nature needs to be recognized and acknowledged, here is where they teach us to develop our inner power gained in the sense of achievement attained in the work.

They remind us of the teamwork that is needed to achieve our goals and the harmony created in the collaborations of the group thinking.   In the group we must welcome and appreciate the gifts and talents each person brings and how it fits into the plan.  This is a guide to understanding how we can find an important way to nurture a sense of community in our lives.  Beavers remind us to love and protect the flow of what we put our energy into, keeping open to other options and opportunities.

When our business or personal situations take a down turn, we may feel all doors are closed and there are no alternative routes and the flow is dammed up.   If this happens I am here to remind you there are ways to cultivate and appeal to the higher forces in our lives, connecting at a deeper level and incorporating spirit into our work.   Here we may retrieve our business, improve our situations, survive and thrive at another level and find a workable union.

Caterina Alberti CEC,

Executive Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Copyright 2009-2015

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