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Caterina aligns her best coach and mentor skills, knowledge and experiences to provide you with personalized services to meet your business and personal development needs. She has a keen eye for opportunity, a wealth of business know how, resources and the insight to guide you from your vision to reality!

Organizational and Career Development

Businesses need special insights, ideas and perspectives that connects them to see and move in creative and unique ways.  To stay fresh it takes new views and new experiences to stimulate extraordinary opportunities and exciting developments.  As we leap ahead and take things to the next level you will want to be sure your vision is clear.

One of the key elements of an organization is how you reach out to your people, customers, develop positive relationships and partnerships.  A positive environment inside and out is so important, therefore a coach will ensure that your relationships are a very important part of the organizational culture.  There are many proven experiences that true success is made with the team of people around you and who is in your corner!

When we connect, our relationship is most important, based in authenticity and trust.  Our relationship is centered on the development and commitment that will assist people within their environment personally and professionally.

We  begin with an evaluation of where things are, what needs change and how you want to take your business to the next level.  We source positive ways and new perspectives, inspiration and understanding to revitalize and invigorate you and the organizational environment.

Everyone in organizations benefit when executives, managers and owners do a vision and leadership review process.  It covers perceptions, planning, range, leadership, awareness, big picture visuals, attention on the details and much more.

Businesses also benefit from employee one on one evaluations and feedback to get the best understandings of placements, training and mentorship for their people.   It opens up what’s hidden, better directions can be made by listening and seeing situations differently.

Often times our personal and professional lives get intertwined and there is a need for care and balance.   When people flourish there is great success in business and customer experiences are kinder, more engaging and caring, it’s a win, win, win!

To improve systems, structures and processes it is best done when we work together, this is the simple truth.  Having a creative coaching partner who can inspire a fresh approach combined with the business insight is a great way to take things to the next level.  Then you simply have to find your best team, get out there and make it happen together.

During my career, the companies I worked with quickly realized that I have a keen eye for opportunities.  My business experiences and skills are diverse and I have a very intuitive side and this business insight can come in very handy.  These qualities will be your most valuable resources and assets for your company.  There are pivotal times in life when we need leverage, engagement, network and the kind of excitement that fills everyone with new promise and ways to realize their vision.

We highlight the vision, values, the truth in each situation and work creatively together so success is guaranteed.


Leadership Coaching/Business Mentorship

Business Executives, Managers and Owners

Person to Person

Executives, managers and owners today really require alignment, alignment and alignment to source clarity at all times.  A compassionate companion is the coach you can connect easily with and build trust.  A coach who can best assist you to manage your personal, public and business presence?

Our relationship will bring you the insight and new perspectives in such a way that is uniquely powerful.  We will connect with the wisdom to lead,  the enthusiasm to engage and attitude to move mountains.  I will provide you the best assistance when transitions and changes are necessary to meet your personal and professional goals and objectives.

The right relationships in business and life today is vital to your success, without this relationship the learning curve, energy and the development to reach your goals will be challenging.   Our relationship will take you to who you want to be, where you want to go, when  and what you want to accomplish in a fun, enjoyable and enlightened way.

Leaders have vision and when combined with the right relationship they gain better clarity, focus and are inspired to action.  I assist you with the environment conducive to sourcing the creativity, innovation and ideas for your situations.

When you are ready to seek unlimited sources of creativity, innovation, positive energy and the sweet connections to freedom within your present situation.  Let me know because it’s time we meet.

Let’s connect and build a relationship of trust where the path across can be realized.




Tourism & Resort Enhancement


Business skills and knowledge with an entrepreneurial spirit is where you can capture the insight and important details you will want to have.  Most areas and industries in tourism are often so busy, key opportunities and insight get missed.  Take that important step that needs your attention and let’s look at the present situation and see what is really happening and how it can be made great!

You need to know what the customer experience is really like, you need to know how to make it better and you need to know where your opportunities are waiting.  Create the vision you really want to have for your business!

Vision, Preparations, Plans and Goals. Fun! Let’s go!

Identify leverage points in these areas:

  • Customer engagement
  • Tourism experience
  • Communication and environment
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Systems and efficiency
  • Sales and service levels
  • Product overview
  • Merchandising and flow
  • Brand loyalty and message
  • Company culture


The how to get there is meaningful and attainable when you have the right guidance and care. Coaching will reduce stress, increase your confidence and give you the stability you need to set and reach the goals you desire.

The benefits of Crossover Coaching range in many ways and since there is a great demand in businesses to instantly improve situations, our coaching will provide the positive and present guidance you seek.

It’s the conversations in the present moments and the follow-up actions that will support the development of organizations and leaders in what’s going on in each situation.  What you want is doors to open, obstacles to disappear and a clear path through the forest.

Caterina is the partner at your side to assist you to Crossover into the art and science of excelling in your business.  It’s all about balance!

Leadership Workshops & Retreats

Executives and Organizations in Search of Balance

This two day mini retreat for Executives/Leaders is a very interactive program that offers a process to get to the essentials for professional and personal progress.

Each retreat is tailored to meet the needs of the people within your organizations! By the end of the retreats people feel more centered, peaceful and better able to manage their professional lives.

A profound re-connection will enhance their leadership skills in both their personal and professional lives. Workshop circles, business vision building, creativity and being in nature.
Inspiring and informative speaker presentations.



From vision to reality

Caterina is an accredited Executive Business Coach from Royal Roads University, a recipient of the Capilano University Distinguished Alumni Award and past vice-president with the Vancouver Island Coaching Association.

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“We contracted Caterina Alberti of Crossover Coaching to help us take our business to the next level. We found her service to be professional, respectful and very worthwhile. She is very knowledgeable in a multitude of areas and we discussed several topics including: -sales/marketing/promotions – engaging with staff and customers... [ Read more ]
Susan Bearance Owner, Dow Security


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Tina Haas


“I wanted to thank you for all of your time and support over the last two months.  I feel like I have better coping skills and can handle things better with my staff etc… You have made a difference in my life and I am sure the lives of many... [ Read more ]
Victoria Ross Adoption & Foster Home Manager


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